Hot Water De-scaling


We are all familiar with limescale on a day-to-day basis with domestic products such as kettles and showers, baths etc. Surface limescale is relatively easy to deal with a proprietary brand of limescale remover. However, less easy to see is the effect of sludge and scale inside pipes - Shown right, is a five year old pump valve which has been almost completely blocked!

it is generally accepted that the Midlands is a ‘medium to low’ limescale area whereas the further South, the harder the water!
descaling crystalsHowever, in any area limescale will reduce the efficiency of high performance products such as:

  • The narrow waterways of the plate heat exchangers found in combi boilers.
  • Plate heat exchangers in commercial applications
  • Cooling towers
  • Direct Fired Water Heaters

PowerFlushUK always uses the best descaling crystals to ensure your central heating system is properly descaled and will stay clean for longer.

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