Bedfordshire is in the east of England. It is the fourteenth most-populated county in the country, with the bulk of the population being in either Luton or Bedford.

It is fair to say that Bedfordshire has been given a significant boost in its standing over the years simply due to its proximity to London, being just 25 miles outside of the city. This means that Bedfordshire, in recent years at least, has grown up to be somewhat of a commuter county, with many of the inhabitants of the main towns here travelling into London for work.

Interestingly, unlike many of the other counties in this area, the economy of Bedfordshire did not rely heavily upon natural resources. Instead, up until recently, the bulk of the economy of Bedfordshire was based upon agriculture. Even when other countries were transitioning to having their economy based around manufacturing, Bedfordshire remained in the farming industry. The area did dabble in the lace industry up until the start of the 20th Century, but that never really took off quite like agriculture, with products often being shipped to the monarch.

The abundance of fertile land in the county means that it should not be surprising that the area was settled early on, with the Anglian people being among the earliest to arrive on the lands. The area has been inhabited by several groups since.

Bedfordshire was one of the forerunners in the English Civil War. Due to several taxes issues to the county by the King over the years, they wanted him gone. In fact, records show that during the Civil War there was barely a person in the county that supported King Charles I.

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