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Northamptonshire is a county in the East Midlands. It is landlocked by eight different countries, one of the highest in the United Kingdom.

A Brief History of Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire was sparsely populated throughout early history. While nomadic groups did pass through the county, it was not until the 1st Century BC that permanent settlements started to pop up. This is likely due to the Romans building a huge road, known as Watling Street through it, remnants of which remain to this day.

Northamptonshire went through several ownership claims over a short period of time. It started being part of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia, before being conquered by the Danes. It then fell into the hands of the Normans. The area even had a key role to play in the Tudor period. It is in Northamptonshire that King Henry VI was captured. Mary, Queen of Scots was held in the area shortly before her execution.

One of the unique things about Northamptonshire is that the individual towns and cities have never played a major role in the world. However, the entire county has long been regarded as one of the most pleasant places to live in country. The result was a plethora of wealthy families moving to the area which generated vast riches for the county.

Throughout the industrial revolution, Northamptonshire became well-known for leather and shoemaking. In fact, it was regarded as the shoe making capital of the world. The north of the county was dedicated to Ironstone Quarrying. Other areas dedicated to steel making, all contributing hugely to the United Kingdom.

Northamptonshire even plays a role in the history of the United States. George Washington’s family emigrated from Northamptonshire.

Economy of Northamptonshire

Traditionally, the bulk of the income that Northamptonshire generated has been through leather and shoe making. Sadly, the bulk of these manufacturers closed in the late 80s. One famous manufacturer remains in the county, close to Wollaston to be exact. This is R. Griggs and Co. Ltd who manufacture Dr. Martens.

In recent years, the economy of the county has mostly relied on large manufacturers. This includes Carlsberg, Weetabix, Avon, Siemens, and a whole lot more.

As Silverstone, one of the most famous racetracks in the world, is located within Northamptonshire, a lot of the employment in the county relies on the motorsports industry. Many large motor sport companies, including Mercedes-Benz and Force India, call the area their home.

Future Growth

In a bid to stimulate the economy of Northamptonshire, a lot of future growth is planned for the area. This comes in the form of the ‘Milton Keynes and South Midlands Growth Area’. In the north of the county, 52,000 new homes are planned for the area, which has the potential to generate 47,000 new jobs. In other parts of the county, a further 48,000 homes and 37,000 new jobs are planned.

What to do in Northamptonshire

There are plenty of sights to see while you are in Northamptonshire. This includes:

  • Barnwell Castle: this played a key role during the reign of King Henry III.
  • Grand Union Canal: this is the largest canal in the United Kingdom. It travels all the way from London.
  • Rockingham Castle: this castle is based on an idea from William the Conqueror. It has gone through several redevelopments over the years.

If you are after something a bit more ‘fun’, then you can head to the Riverside Hub, the largest soft play area in the United Kingdom. There is also the Salcey Forest Treetop Walk which will take you right over the wooded areas of one of the most beautiful areas in Northamptonshire.