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Engineer arrived on time. Very polite and professional. Job was completed in specified time. Left my home clean and warmer than it has been for a long time. Would highly recommend. Very satisfied customer.”
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Powerflush UK were very good and professional, friendly staff and made sure there was no mess and advised us very well. Would recommend their services to everyone.”
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Ben is an excellent workman who was polite and knowledgeable. Would recommend this company.”
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Warwickshire Towns that We Power Flush In:

Leamington Spa
Shipston-on-Stour & Kingsbury


Warwickshire is a much smaller county than it was historically. Up until it had its boundaries formally set in 1974, the county originally included Coventry and Solihull. Warwickshire currently has 556,000 residents, with almost a fifth of them living in the county’s largest town; Nuneaton.

At the time of the Domesday Book, a considerable portion of Warwickshire was still covered in forest. Barely any of it remains nowadays due to industrialization.

There is evidence that Warwickshire has been inhabited since prehistory. The first people likely arrived in Warwickshire over half a million years ago. The forest made an excellent hunting ground, with most of the people that arrived being hunter-gatherers. What is interesting is that Warwickshire was one of the first areas in the world where tools were properly made en-mass. There are several sites where tool making was extensive.

As Warwickshire progressed into the Iron Age, small farmsteads started to pop up, with one of the earliest being found at Wasperton. There were also several hill forts around the area to provide protection for the inhabitants of the county.

Zipping along to the Tudor and Stuart periods, the Gunpowder Plot, of 1605, was a plot created within Warwickshire. This is, in part, down to the fact that the daughter of the King lived in Warwickshire at the time. The second part of the plan, should the Houses of Parliament part succeeded, was to kidnap the princess.


Warwickshire is a landlocked county. In the northeast, you have Leicestershire. In the Northwest, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and West Midlands form the west boundary. Northamptonshire covers the east and southeast. Gloucestershire the southwest and Oxfordshire in the south. The bulk of the population live in the centre and north of the country, mostly due to the way in which the county was industrialised during the industrial revolution.

The location of Warwickshire has ensured that its climate has remained mild throughout the year. While it does not have the extreme highs that some other parts of the country have, it also does not have those drastic lows. You will need a boiler up and running during the winter months, but you aren’t going to freeze to death.