Glossary of Heating Terms

Glossary of Central Heating and Plumbing Terms

BSP British Standard Pipe Thread
CF Cold feed from supply tank to sytem
COSH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
Dumball A weighted Anti-Gravity Valve
DV Three Way Diverter Valve
DZR Dezincification Resistance
Exp Expansion pipe from system to expansion / supply tank
Exp. Tank The Supply & Expansion Tank to support your Heating System
Flow The Flow Pipe from the boiler / Heat Source
ID Inside Diameter
K1 Single Panel Radiator with Fins
K2 Double Paneled Radiator with two Fins
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas
Method Statement A Detailed statement by the Contactor detailing works and Method
NPT American Pipe Thread
NRV Non Return Valve
OD Outside Diameter
OF Over Flow
P+ Double Radiator with one Set of Fins
P1 Single Panel Radiator
P2 Double Panel Radiator
Part L Refers to a basic Energy Upgrade inc. room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves
Part P Refers to the latest accepted electrical standard which includes a qualification
Potable Drinking Water
PPM Parts per Million
PRV Pressure Relief Valve
PRV Pressure Reducing Valve
PTFE Polytetrafluoreothlene
Pumping Over Where a blockage in the primary flow and return causes the water in the system to
PV Three Port Diverter valve with Hot Water Priority
PV Pump Isolation valves
RCD Residual Currect Device
Return The Return Water from the system
Risk Assessment A Detail Contractor Assesment of Health, Safety and Property Risks associated with a Contract
STP Standard Temperature and Pressure
T/E RV Twin Entry Radiator Valve
TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve
V4043H Honeywell 2 Port Valve
V4044C Honeywell 3 Port Priority Valve
V4073A Honeywell 3 Port Valve


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