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Reviews Of Power Flush Companies

For anyone who is experiencing problems with their central heating system, a powerflush may be the ideal solution. A technique which involves removing sludge, rust and other build up from inside the pipes, boiler and radiators, power flushing aims to restore optimal heating to all rooms of the home and is ideal in cases where heating systems take a long time to warm through, have cold spots or which are making unusual noises.

“Reliable, dependable and efficient

Arrived at time arranged. The engineer was efficient in carrying out the job, explaining what was to be done and providing updates. He checked and double checked all was in order before leaving. Cost was as agreed. He didn’t look to add any extras, not even after replacing a valve on one of the radiators. Gave advice on long term maintenance. Very pleased with the service.”
Aimee Plumptree

While power flushing can be an excellent solution to your central heating problems, it is important to make the right choice of company to carry out the procedure in order to ensure that you are getting a high quality and professional service. Although there are many companies which offer a powerflush of your system as one of their services, they all cannot be said to produce the same level of results. It is therefore important to do your research thoroughly in order to check out the various businesses that offer the service in your local area and to ensure the level of service that you can expect should you engage them to perform the technique on your behalf.

The best power flush companies will offer you a quotation that is reasonable, but not too low. You should never opt for a business which says that they can do the work on your central heating system for an exceptional low price as it is likely that they will not do a thorough job and your system may see no improvement as a result. This is clearly false economy and should be avoided. Although good value is paramount, you need to make sure that you will actually be getting the service that you expect for your money.

One way to find out which is the best power flush companies near you is to go online and read power flush reviews for your local area. Most businesses offering a powerflush service will have a website that may have testimonials page from previous satisfied customers, just like this one and this may help you to make up your mind. There are also a number of review websites which publish independent reviews of local power flushing firms, but a company has too pay a lot of money to be on these review sites. These could be helpful for making an informed choice about which is the right power flush company to suit your needs. A company that has been established for some time in your region and which has plenty of happy customers who have positive things to say about their staff and service is probably a wise and sensible choice for anyone who is looking for a high quality power flush for their home or commercial premises.


Powerflush UK were very good and professional, friendly staff and made sure there was no mess and advised us very well. Would recommend their services to everyone.”
Paul, Warwickshire

When arranging a business to power flush your central heating system, never rush into making a decision. Take your time and get a range of quotations from a number of companies and read plenty of reviews about your shortlisted firms. This will help you to make sure that you are selecting a company that will not only quote you a reasonable price but that will also perform the service with a high level of professionalism.

Power flush ErrorsFAQ’s – Some Common Misunderstandings

Power flushing can repair broken parts. NO

Cleaning up the central heating does not fix that part if a part is broken and the system or boiler is not working due to the fact that of that. Despite the fact that the sludge may have triggered it to break and will most likely break the brand-new part if it is not eliminated by power flushing. Our qualified plumbers can do both; a power flush and change parts.

“Helpful Advice

I contacted Power Flush yesterday late afternoon and received a phone call back from Paul Jones at 18:10 on the same day. I explained my problem with my central heating system and he gave me some great feedback. Unfortunately due to location Paul based in Leicestershire and me living in Hampshire it was out of their area so they were unable to assist me. Paul kindly recommended a local company to myself and emailed this over to me stating that I say that I’d spoken to him and they would help me asap. Paul also advised on pricing as I had received an earlier quotation which was very high (approx double) which was really kind and helpful as I do not have any idea on the prices. So although I did not have any work undertaken by Paul I wanted to give a recommendation to his professionalism, experience, and recommendation of a local company who would be able to assist. Huge shout out to PUK and especially Paul”
Customer in Hampshire

Power flushing is done at high pressure. NO

Power flushing is done under high circulation rates, but not high pressure. High flow rates move the sludge so it can be removed.

Power flushing removes all the sludge from a system. NO

Power flushing removes a large percentage of sludge/ rust, but no flush will ever get rid of 100% of it. It is just not feasible to remove every iota of the sludge from a system – especially older systems where the sludge may have completely soldified or be caught up in an eddy in the current.

“Absolutely Brilliant Service

Great communication from Bob & Ben to arrange the day. Tom the Engineer called to confirm his arrival time and arrived armed his own slippers! Within 20 minutes he had everything connected and showed me the process. He noticed that flow was slower than expected and started to analyse the system. A further 30 minutes and he asked if he could cut into a pipe above the boiler as he suspected that was where the blockage was, and he was 100% accurate. He soon had the blockage cleared and then carried out the full flushing process, explaining what he was doing every step of the way. When he had done it all I had heat all through the house and a very big smile on my face. Brilliant service, good value, polite and very clean workers. Absolutely faultless! I moved into this house last June and didn’t try the heating until October when we found it didn’t work hardly at all. The system consists of 22mm, 15mm, 10mm and 8mm bore pipe in copper and plastic, so a Heating Engineers nightmare, but not for these boys. Thank You so much guys, an outstanding service ”
Keys GTR

Power flushing is the very same as connecting a hosepipe to your drain-off point and letting the water run till it is tidy. (Draining the system down will clean up, all the sludge out). NO

This does not work and does not compare with the modern-day usage of power flush machines, chemicals and magnets. It also just cleans one course through the system and not the whole system – at best 20% reliable.

Do It Yourself power flushing is simple. NO

The single biggest problem with Do It Yourself power flushing your system; is that you do not have a evidence of “power flush certification” in the end. If you have insurance coverage cover on your system, the insurer is going to request this and will most likely decline future and more work if you don’t have one. We provide you with proof of power flushing in the form of a certificate. Our certificates have NEVER been refused as evidence by any insurer or by British Gas.

“Brilliant job

Prompt & professional. Nothing was too much trouble, very nice guy. Would recommend to anyone. Well pleased with results.”
Alan, Northamptonshire

Power flushing your main heating removes lime scale. NO

There cannot be a lime scale accumulation in your main heating side of your system. In portion (%) terms; the sludge in your system (if present) is made up of 4% lime scale, 95% rust and 1% particles. Obviously these percentages are a rough estimate and the actual values will vary from system to system as various locations will have different water solidity values.

There can be an accumulation of lime scale in your hot water heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger in a combination boiler) and only on the normal potable water side, these heat exchangers are only found in combi-boilers and not present in open vented systems. The other possibility is in your warm water Cylinder, which again is normal cold tap water side and NOT the main heating side. A conventional power flush is not the very same thing as having the lime scale flushed out of your warm water heat exchanger or warm water cylinder. When asking for a quote, you have to state which one you want “a central heating power flush” or “hot water heat exchanger flush”.

If you have a Flowmax cylinder with an internal heat exchanger don’t worry we can probably clear it out no problem at all.

A central heating flush cleanses the boiler, radiators and pipes, while a warm water heat exchanger flush means eliminating the hot water heat exchanger; flushing it independently on both sides and refitting it into the combi-boiler. Getting both procedures done is preferable if you are having hot water problems on a combi-boiler system. You simply will not require a hot water heat exchanger flush, if you have an open vented system, due to the fact that this system does not have actually one fitted.

“Professional service

Tom the engineer arrived on time, with slippers in hand. Explained the process with a friendly manner, no mess, cleaned up – our heating has never been better. Lovely bloke! Highly recommended.”
Richard, Hertfordshire

Power flushing can stop your system from losing pressure NO.

The pressure in your system will drop if there is a leak of some kind. Sludge and particles can caused this dripping, power flushing the system can not seal the leak. The leak needs to be fixed to stop pressure loss. Our plumbers likewise do regular plumbing and can estimate prices for power flushing and repairing leaks in the system.

Fitting a magnetic filter is as good as doing a power flush. NO

Unlikely in the extreme.  Your typical system pump might manage 15 litres per minute, magnetic filters depend on the system pumps to move the sludge/ rust and they are not that reliable at moving heavy deposits.

IF they are fitted on a system with little/some sludge that is presently running properly and fitted on the return pipeline into the boiler, magnetic filters work wonderfully. Great idea for protecting your boiler.


Powerflush UK were very good and professional, friendly staff and made sure there was no mess and advised us very well. Would recommend their services to everyone.”
Paul, Warwickshire

“Very professional job

Tom got on with the job in hand, fixed the issue by flushing the system. Cleared up and left all the areas he had been working clean and tidy! Very pleased.”
Johnnie, Northamptonshire

“A job well done!

I gained a good impression of the company on my initial contact with a readiness to explain procedures and details without any pressure being applied. A comprehensive and thorough job done by operative Tom Renshaw who is a very thoughtful person explaining what is being done.”
Keith, Nottinghamshire

“Brilliant Job

The fitter was very polite, helpful, tidy, explaining everything he was doing. He was thorough. I could not wish for anybody better. He was very efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending.”
Katerina, Essex

“Excellent job

Very efficient service with huge improvement in the heating system. I have no hesitation in recommending.”
Paul, Gloucestershire

“Excellent job and very courteous employee

The whole process was efficient, professional and courteous throughout. The technician was charming, helpful and knowledgeable. I really couldn’t fault anything.”
Gillian, Hertfordshire

“Very professional

An excellent company to deal with from initial phone call to book and the brilliant service from the engineer (Tom) when he arrived at my house. Nothing was too much trouble and he explained everything to me. My radiators are now working so much better. I would highly recommend!”
Karen, Hertfordshire

“Excellent Job

They got central heating system working again after detecting a shut-off valve that a pervious technician (from another Which Trusted Trader!) had apparently failed to spot. The shut-off valve had allowed the system to run dry.”
Anthony, London

“Power Flush, Oxford

Powerflush UK wasn’t the cheapest. However the reviews and Ben’s personal contact throughout made all the difference. Tom, the engineer, did an excellent job on the day and very happy with the service provided by PFUK. I’m glad we paid the extra and used a company we had full confidence in. I have already recommended you, so expect a call soon.”

“Willing to go the extra mile

We had a visit from PowerFlush UK in July to fix a radiator which had been acting up all winter. It was cheaper to hire these guys than anyone local to us in Berkshire. They worked diligently and did a thorough job, got the heating working great! In the course of the work they unfortunately loosened a join near the pump (where they had plumbed in). This then caused a slow leak which stained the ceiling. We contacted them and they came back from Leicester to fix it up with no grumbling, let alone any mention of extra charge. Problem solved and very satisfied.”
Which? Trusted Traders Consumer

“Punctual efficient and clean.”
John, Leicestershire

“Ben was efficient and professional would highly recommend.”

Manjit, West Midlands

“Fantastic service, perfect job.

Tom and Ben were perfect at communicating. The job was completed perfectly and they were a pleasure to have round.”
Alice, London

“My Review

Prompt and professional job”
John, Leicestershire

“Prompt and Professional

The engineer that called to carry out the power flush was courteous and friendly in his approach to any questions put to him. He completed the power flush job including the fitment of a Magna Clean device and left the work site clean. I will not hesitate to recommend the services of Power Flush UK to any friends or acquaintances.”

“Excellent job

Great customer service from start to finish.”
Jez, Cambridgeshire

“Prompt and professional

A very professional job, keeping me informed of the various stages as they occurred. No mess made. Would recommend.”
P R, Leicestershire

“Superb Service

Arrived at date and time agreed, did a superb and thorough job. Friendly and professional service. Would definitely use them again.”
Raymond, Nottinghamshire

“First class job

From my first contact with Ben at Powerflush UK until the completion of the job, I’ve been very impressed. Tom who carried out the work arrived on time, was polite, informative and tidy. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”
Karen, Middlesex

“Top job, professional.

On time. No tea, no stops. Job well done. For once heating now working, for the first time in eight years as it should. Top team, thanks.”
Don, Essex

“Brilliant job

Absolutely fabulous. For years I’ve struggled with my central heating. Power flush sorted it!”
Anne, Leicestershire

“Efficient and friendly service

A great service; couldn’t do enough in explaining the service offered and the job on the day performed by Tom was excellent.”
Ged, Buckinghamshire

“Diane. Long Eaton, Nottingham

I would highly recommend Power flush. Ben got straight back to me with quote, sent me an email explaining what would happen, times etc. Tom the engineer was very efficient, cleaned up, no mess Heating working better than it has for a long time. Well worth the money.”
Diane Blair

“Brilliant job

Very efficient, clean, tidy. Very impressed. The two Toms are a credit to the company. Will recommend to all my friends.”
Beverly, Leicestershire


Great result – central heating working very poorly before, and now functioning properly. Cold wet day to work in, but friendly throughout (with own slippers to wear inside!). Top class.”
Which? Trusted Traders Consumer

“Very old system, cleaned to the best they could do. Thanks.”

Darren, Leicestershire

“Worth every penny!

From the initial telephone call to the final completion of the job we felt confident that the problem with our heating could be solved. The engineer was courteous, respectful of our home and efficient in doing his job properly. We now look forward to lower heating bills with our more efficient heating system. Many thanks”

“Successful with great advice & service

We used Power Flush through a recommendation from our local Heating Engineer. Their knowledge and advice was encouraging so we placed an order. Their Engineer, Tommy, was obviously well trained and experienced. He encountered a difficult underfloor blockage which through perseverance was successful in removing. His attitude, cleanliness and attention to detail gave us confidence from the moment he arrived. I would not hesitate in recommending PowerFlush as their fixed quotation was also very reasonable.”
Anthony, South Yorkshire

“Good job

Very pleased with the service. No problems. Good value for money. 1/2 price against British Gas for the same job.”
Bill, Northamptonshire

“Super Service

We had a new central heating boiler installed and needed to have the radiators & systems flushed out and cleaned, Powerflushuk.com came at short notice and did a thorough job. On-time, on mess and explained what they were doing – efficient service.”
Russ, South Yorkshire

“Excellent service

Very good service, prompt, efficient and helpful.”
Innes, London

“Brilliant job

On time, polite & helped sort out problems that was not on his job list. We would recommend Tommy Renshaw from Powerflush to all concerned.”
Stan, Staffordshire

“Good, hard worker

Used Daniel to move my washing machine and install a dishwasher. Was really pleased with the work and thought he was a very hard worker who took a genuine interest in everything!”
Anonymous , Walton-on-Thames

“Excellent, clean, tidy.

Prompt, clean, tidy. Friendly & professional.”
Olive, Staffordshire

“Very professional & efficient

Powerflush UK did a very good job. The work was carried out very efficiently & in good time. Tom was courteous & helpful.”
Jacqui, Northamptonshire

“Totally professional job

So impressed with the promptness, courtesy and overall professionalism of the service, from booking through to site visit-A1. We will use this trader again.”
Rami, London

“Prompt and professional

Arrived on time, courteous. Explained purpose and method of job.”
Gordon, Leicestershire

“First class service

Extremely polite and professional from enquiry stage through to completion of the job. Couldn’t have asked for more and now our house is certainly warmer and more comfortable. 5 year guarantee is another peace of mind too.”
Christine, Nottinghamshire

“Very good job, clean workers.

Very happy we picked this contractor, they did a very good job & left the house clean. Would recommend to others.”
Kenneth, Northamptonshire

“Exceeded expectations

All 3 guys I dealt with were polite and professional, and gave outstanding customer service. I am delighted with the results, but more than that, the whole experience was way more courteous and considerate than anyone could expect.”
Suzanne, Rutland

“Excellent service

We were most impressed with Power Flus. The engineer concerned was not only efficient and hard-working, he inspired confidence and was most respectful of our property; as well as carrying out a good job with good humour. We were not looking forward to having the work done but are now delighted we employed this particular company.”
Richard, Middlesex

“I write to warmly recommend Powerflush UK. The service was very efficient from the word go, easily arranged, and reasonably priced. The flush was done extremely well, with superior equipment and really friendly operator, and when our system showed a blocked pipe problem under the floor, they came back at no extra charge to complete the flush after our local plumber had renewed the pipework.”

“Excellent job

Tom was very friendly and explained everything that was happening throughout the process putting us at ease. An excellent job with improved heating through radiators. We would have no hesitation in recommending”
Roger, Hertfordshire

“Excellent workmanship

Arrived on time. Very professional. What we thought was going to be a long day, the work was finished by early afternoon. Seems to be an excellent job of work”
Kenneth, Cambridgeshire

“More than pleased

So glad to have found and used this firm. They did all they said they would, when they said they would and at the cost they said they would. More power to their elbow! Highly recommended”
Frank, Hertfordshire

“Which? Local Review

Bob Jones works from Leicester with office in Islington, London. He powerflushed our boiler and central heating system. His quote was £200 less than that of a rival. He was a pleasure to have in the house and the central heating is working much more efficiently than before. We were very pleased with his work.”

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