Reviews Of Power Flush Companies

For anyone who is experiencing problems with their central heating system, a powerflush may be the ideal solution. A technique which involves removing sludge, rust and other build up from inside the pipes, boiler and radiators, power flushing aims to restore optimal heating to all rooms of the home and is ideal in cases where heating systems take a long time to warm through, have cold spots or which are making unusual noises.

While power flushing can be an excellent solution to your central heating problems, it is important to make the right choice of company to carry out the procedure in order to ensure that you are getting a high quality and professional service. Although there are many companies which offer a powerflush of your system as one of their services, they all cannot be said to produce the same level of results. It is therefore important to do your research thoroughly in order to check out the various businesses that offer the service in your local area and to ensure the level of service that you can expect should you engage them to perform the technique on your behalf.

The best power flush companies will offer you a quotation that is reasonable, but not too low. You should never opt for a business which says that they can do the work on your central heating system for an exceptional low price as it is likely that they will not do a thorough job and your system may see no improvement as a result. This is clearly false economy and should be avoided. Although good value is paramount, you need to make sure that you will actually be getting the service that you expect for your money.

One way to find out which is the best power flush companies near you is to go online and read power flush reviews for your local area. Most businesses offering a powerflush service will have a website that may have testimonials from previous satisfied customers and this may help you Power Flush Reviews From Which Trusted Tradersto make up your mind. There are also a number of review websites which have independent reviews of local power flushing firms from prior clients, and these will also be helpful in making an informed choice about which is the right power flush company to suit your needs. A company that has been established for some time in your region and which has plenty of happy customers who have positive things to say about their staff and service is probably a wise and sensible choice for anyone who is looking for a high quality power flush for their home or commercial premises.

When arranging a business to power flush your central heating system, never rush into making a decision. Take your time and get a range of quotations from a number of companies and read plenty of reviews about your shortlisted firms. This will help you to make sure that you are selecting a company that will not only quote you a reasonable price but that will also perform the service with a high level of professionalism.

Power flush ErrorsFAQ’s – Some Common Misunderstandings



Power flushing can repair broken parts. NO

Cleaning up the central heating does not fix that part if a part is broken and the system or boiler is not working due to the fact that of that. Despite the fact that the sludge may have triggered it to break and will most likely break the brand-new part if it is not eliminated by power flushing. Our qualified plumbers can do both; a power flush and change parts.

Power flushing is done at high pressure. NO

Power flushing is done under high circulation rates, but not high pressure. High flow rates move the sludge so it can be removed.

Power flushing removes all the sludge from a system. NO

Power flushing removes a large percentage of sludge/ rust, but no flush will ever get rid of 100% of it. It is just not feasible to remove every iota of the sludge from a system – especially older systems where the sludge may have completely soldified or be caught up in an eddy in the current.

Power flushing is the very same as connecting a hosepipe to your drain-off point and letting the water run till it is tidy. (Draining the system down will clean up, all the sludge out). NO

This does not work and does not compare with the modern-day usage of power flush machines, chemicals and magnets. It also just cleans one course through the system and not the whole system – at best 20% reliable.

Do It Yourself power flushing is simple. NO

The single biggest problem with Do It Yourself power flushing your system; is that you do not have a evidence of “power flush certification” in the end. If you have insurance coverage cover on your system, the insurer is going to request this and will most likely decline future and more work if you don’t have one. We provide you with proof of power flushing in the form of a certificate. Our certificates have NEVER been refused as evidence by any insurer or by British Gas.

Power flushing your main heating removes lime scale. NO

There cannot be a lime scale accumulation in your main heating side of your system. In portion (%) terms; the sludge in your system (if present) is made up of 4% lime scale, 95% rust and 1% particles. Obviously these percentages are a rough estimate and the actual values will vary from system to system as various locations will have different water solidity values.

There can be an accumulation of lime scale in your hot water heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger in a combination boiler) and only on the normal potable water side, these heat exchangers are only found in combi-boilers and not present in open vented systems. The other possibility is in your warm water Cylinder, which again is normal cold tap water side and NOT the main heating side. A conventional power flush is not the very same thing as having the lime scale flushed out of your warm water heat exchanger or warm water cylinder. When asking for a quote, you have to state which one you want “a central heating power flush” or “hot water heat exchanger flush”.

If you have a Flowmax cylinder with an internal heat exchanger don’t worry we can probably clear it out no problem at all.

A central heating flush cleanses the boiler, radiators and pipes, while a warm water heat exchanger flush means eliminating the hot water heat exchanger; flushing it independently on both sides and refitting it into the combi-boiler. Getting both procedures done is preferable if you are having hot water problems on a combi-boiler system. You simply will not require a hot water heat exchanger flush, if you have an open vented system, due to the fact that this system does not have actually one fitted.

Power flushing can stop your system from losing pressure NO.

The pressure in your system will drop if there is a leak of some kind. Sludge and particles can caused this dripping, power flushing the system can not seal the leak. The leak needs to be fixed to stop pressure loss. Our members likewise do regular plumbing and can price estimate for repairing the leakage/ power flushing the system.

Fitting a magnetic filter is as good as doing a power flush. NO

Unlikely in the extreme.  Your typical system pump might manage 15 litres per minute, magnetic filters depend on the system pumps to move the sludge/ rust and they are not that reliable at moving heavy deposits.

IF they are fitted on a system with little/some sludge that is presently running properly and fitted on the return pipeline into the boiler, magnetic filters work wonderfully. Great idea for protecting your boiler.