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PowerFlushUK has been in the plumbing and heating industry for over thirty years and power flushing since 1993. We were probably the UK’s first specialist power flushing company when we concentrated on it from 2004 and we are now experts in restoring and upgrading the growing number of old and tired heating systems.Our main activity is Power Flushing domestic heating powerflushing and commercial central heating systems.
We are one of the very few specialist power flushing companies in the country and we have built up a wide knowledge of techniques and have experience of most systems.
We work in a professional way and pay particular attention to minimising disruption to you and your home. We also go to great lengths to avoid any spillage and we leave your central heating system in a spotless condition.We also commission, service and install the growing number of unvented or high pressure hot water systems – the ultimate in hot water delivery.Provision of Services Regulation Information Click here»

We Power Flush domestic heating systems around the Midlands and South covering:

North London

PowerFlushUK will undertake commercial Power Flushing anywhere in the UK and we will travel anywhere in the UK for repeat and volume business – call for details!

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07779 556827
email: ben@PowerFlushUK.com

Insurance – We have Public Liability Insurance up to £5m.
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