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If you live in or are responsible for the maintenance of a property that is much larger than the average domestic house it can sometimes be hard to find the right heating/plumbing professional.  Large domestic heating systems (and some smaller commercial ones) can fall between the skill-sets of domestic plumbers and industrial heating engineers.  Fortunately, we have both skill sets in our workforce.

There are not many specialist power flushing and de-scaling companies nationally with the capability and equipment necessary for the cleaning of large and extra-large domestic heating systems. We may be the only company around that has the equipment and engineers with enough training and experience to carry-out a truly successful flush of a large heating system.
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Definition: Large Heating System

For our own internal purposes, we refer to system sizes as follows:

Standard domestic system – all system sizes up to 30 radiators

Large domestic/small commercial – 30 radiators+, or more than one boiler, or a mix of heat emitters (see below).

Extra large domestic – 45 radiators+, or more than one boiler

Domestic Power Flush Machine Size Restrictions

Domestic machines are limited to what they can do by their physical size.  For example, even the largest machines are designed to fit through a standard door frame.  They are limited by physical size  – for example even the biggest machines are designed to fit through a standard domestic door.  This means that the ‘break-tank’ they use to house the powerflushing pump itself cannot be very big – which is a problem with big heating systems.  One must have a big enough size break-tank to add chemicals and to allow for the natural increase/decrease in water levels within the heating system itself during the flush of a large house.  Domestic machines are also limited by the size of the pump they use.  Although most domestic flushing pumps are designed to work up to three stories, those are based upon modern house sizes.  Older, large systems are often installed in buildings with higher ceilings, that may have attic rooms too or boiler rooms in cellars.  Add those together and these can equal 5 stories in a modern house.

Large modern systems (residential and commercial) may have various heating zones.  If this is the case, and the system height is not too great, then a smaller domestic machine might just be able to deal with them. On the other hand, if the system is not divided up in to zones (as most older systems are not) then domestic machines will again struggle to do the job well.  If at all.  Far better to go with a company that you know has the equipment and experience needed.

Large heating systems may have more than one boiler.  If they are side by side it can be straightforward to isolate each one at a time, but sometimes they share a common header pipe and have no isolation valves installed.  In cases like this, you not only need the right equipment, but more importantly you need the specialist knowledge of heating systems (in all their many fold glories) that can only come with decades of experience.  In other words, the type of experience that our specialist power flushing engineers have.

Large domestic heating systems can sometimes have a “mix and match” of heat emitters.  For example, the old part of the building may have cast-iron radiators, possibly even on a one-pipe system – whilst the new wing may have large areas of buried, underfloor plastic pipework and many manifolds to flush from.  Or, perhaps you have some ‘Art Deco’ aluminium radiators that cannot have the normal fast-acting acid-based chemicals used on them without destroying them.  Again we have the experience and the machinery to tackle this without any issues whatsoever.

Power Flush Solutions For Larger Properties

large home heating powerflushing

Efficiently cleaning out large heating systems of many years of sludge, rust and limescale needs the right equipment in experienced hands.

When it comes to choosing the right company for cleaning out your heating system, pick up the phone and give us a call or fill-in the contact form on the right here.  We think and hope that you will be impressed by your choice of specialist power flush company.

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