Frequently Asked Questions

Power Flushing – Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a lot of mess?
A: Dust sheets and slippers are the order of the day! After we arrive we spend about an hour ensuring your property is protected. Where possible all of the equipment stays outside and if that isn’t possible we put it in a bund tank so that any spillages are contained.

Q My system is old; will it stand being power flushed?
A: If we don’t think your system is up to it, we’ll tell you.

Q Do you have insurance?
A: We have £2m Comprehensive insurance cover. Please ask to see the certificate.

Q My boiler is made of aluminium,  Is that a problem?
A: No problem, we always check compatability and use the appropriate chemicals

Q How long does it take?
A: Between 5 and 8 hours

Q Do you take the radiators off the wall?
A: No, we connect to your system and all the power flushing is done from the outside

Q Why are your prices half what British Gas charges?
A: We are not a PLC. We don’t pay commission or belong to the Bentley Owners Club!

Q Why are you more expensive than power flushers who advertise on the “Gumtree” web site?
A: There are a lot of European operators on Gumtree;  make sure they have insurance.

Q What happens to the sludge that you extract?
A: We send the sludge to Magnaclean who use it for research into new products and methods.

Want to see what the four types of sludge actually look like?

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