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Full Heat Restoration via Power Flushing

The central heating system of a building is cleaned using a powerflush to eradicate grime, corrosion, and other debris. A powerful flushing machine connected to the heating system pumps a chemical solution through the radiators and pipes during the powerflush procedure. The solution either dissolves or suspends the accumulated debris, allowing it to be removed from the system, which leaves it clean and efficient.

Whitnash is a town and civil parish in Warwickshire, England, southeast of and adjacent to Leamington Spa and Warwick. It had a population of 7,629 in 2001, which had increased to 9,129 a decade later.

Powerflush UK offer powerflushing service in heating systems in these postcode areas:

  • CV31


Whitnash was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Witenas, but by 1326 it had changed to Whitenasshe, which means “white ash.” Whitnash is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon ‘at the white ash,’ but other derivations include ‘place by the wood,”sacred ash,’ and the’meeting place of the wise.’

Whitnash has most likely been inhabited since Celtic times. According to legend, a Celtic fortification existed just east of town in a field known as “Castle Hill Field.”

St Margaret’s parish church is of Anglo-Saxon origin and stands on a mound that may have been a pagan site. It was largely rebuilt between 1855 and 1880 to designs by Sir George Gilbert Scott.

Whitnash once had a holy well located about 400 metres east of town. According to a local legend, a church bell was accidentally dropped into the well while being transported there to be consecrated; the bell then gained the ability to foretell the future; at night, people would drop a stone into the well and ask a question. Then, at dawn, it would respond with one ring for yes and two rings for no. Whitnash’s municipal crest includes a representation of the bell.

Whitnash was a small village for most of its history, with a population of 586 in 1931. Some older half-timbered buildings from the 17th century, such as the Plough and Harrow inn, still stand in the historical core. The second half of the twentieth century saw a dramatic increase in population. Whitnash became a town in 1978 by resolution of its parish council, reflecting its much larger size; the parish council then became a town council.

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