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Power flushing Your Central Heating

Power flushing is a specialised technique for cleaning central heating systems, removing sludge, debris, and other contaminants that can hinder efficiency or lead to failure. By using a specific machine to circulate chemicals at high pressure, blockages are dissolved, enhancing the system’s performance.

Indicators for a power flush include regular bleeding of radiators, cold areas at radiator bottoms, unusual noise, and recurrent boiler issues. The procedure involves a ‘pumping station,’ water flushing, sludge dislodging with an ‘agitator,’ chemical flushing, and an ‘inhibitor’ addition. Costing £300 to £500, it offers benefits like efficiency improvement, extended boiler life, noise reduction, and reliability enhancement.

However, it’s not suitable for systems over 20 years old or with rusty components, as leaks may occur. A professional evaluation is essential to determine if power flushing is the right approach, offering long-term benefits and potential cost savings.

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Aylesbury is the county town of Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, and is recognized for housing the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery and the Waterside Theatre. Known as the “spiritual birthplace” of the Paralympic Games, it is situated between High Wycombe and Milton Keynes. In 2017, Aylesbury was designated a Garden Town, with plans to build 16,000 homes by 2033.


  • Origins: The name Aylesbury comes from Old English, with interpretations including “Fort of gel” or “church-burgh.” The exact meaning and origin remain uncertain.
  • Iron Age: Excavations in 1985 revealed an Iron Age hill fort dating back to the early 4th century BC. It was a stronghold of the ancient Britons before being taken by the West Saxons in 571.
  • Anglo-Saxon Period: Aylesbury was a significant market town and the burial place of Saint Osgyth, attracting pilgrims. The town was a royal manor during the Norman conquest and was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.
  • Medieval Times: William the Conqueror granted lands in Aylesbury with unique conditions, including providing straw for his bed and food for his table. The Guild of St Mary, established in 1450, became a center for local dignitaries and played a role in the Wars of the Roses.
  • 16th Century: In 1529, King Henry VIII declared Aylesbury the county town of Buckinghamshire, possibly to gain favor with Thomas Boleyn, the father of Anne Boleyn.
  • 17th Century: The town suffered a devastating blow when the plague wiped out the population in 1603/4.

Aylesbury’s rich history, from its Iron Age origins to its status as a Garden Town, reflects a blend of historical significance and modern development. Its association with cultural icons like Roald Dahl and its role as a hub for the Paralympic Games add to the town’s unique character.

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