Power Flushing Process

Power Flushing

Power flushing is the process in which pipe work, central heating systems and radiators are flushed out using cleaning chemicals and water. There are many benefits to getting your radiator power flushed and it could solve a lot of problems for you as well. Some of these problems include banging radiators and boilers, repeated pump failures, boiler cycling and so much more, so you can certainly reap the benefits when you perform this process on your own boiler system. Take a look below to see the various problems you may experience by not getting your system flushed on a regular basis.

Total Boiler Failure

If your boiler doesn’t have any faults but it is still displaying problems then it could be overheating. This is because sludge and other deposits stop the heat from flowing freely through the system and this can cause problems for you at a later date. You may find your house slow to heat up and you may also find that your hot water does not stay hot as well. You should note however that if your boiler has failed because of sludge and you have not had a power flush in the recent years, you may not be covered by your warranty as you have not done your part in keeping it well maintained. This normally does depend on the provider and who you purchased the boiler from, but in most cases, failures can be put down to a blocked heat exchanger or an over flowing vent pipe.

Fuel Wastage

If your boiler isn’t treated and you keep experiencing boiler cut-out then you may have sludge and debris. These can restrict how much water is being allowed through the system at any one time and it stops heat from reaching the other parts of the boiler. Not only does this mean that you lose heat, but you also waste fuel as well because you need to turn up your heating system in order to get your radiators hot enough to get the job done. This could cost you a lot of money and it isn’t very environmentally friendly either, so it is important to keep this in consideration when making your decision to hire a power flush service.

Pump Failure

If you don’t get your boiler cleaned on a regular basis then you may also find that you experience a build up of black oxide. This type of sludge increases the wear and tear on your pump and your valves and over time it can make it stick. This, in turn, can lead to the complete failure of your pump and if your valve looks to be completely stuck, you may find that you also have very cold radiators, or at least radiators that don’t heat up very well when compared. The chemicals used in power flushes can help to stop all of this from happening, so it is certainly worth considering.

No Hot Water

un-vented hot water cylinderIf you have a blocked pipe or if your heat exchanger is sealed off, then you may find that you have no hot water. A problem like this can be solved by getting a simple power flush, but if your deposits have turned hard and rough over time then you may not be able to remove them via this method. For this reason, it is always worth consulting a professional if you feel as though there is a serious blockage or problem within your heating system.

Cold Radiators

If your radiators appear to be cold at the bottom, yet hot at the top, then this means that you have a sludge build up somewhere in your system. The sludge is stopping the radiators from getting hot and this is normally due to iron oxide. Sludge is much heavier than water so it stops the heat from reaching the top, but you may also find that you experience a restriction of water at various areas in the home as well.


If you notice that there is air coming out of the top of your radiators then you may have electrolytic corrosion. This is because the sludge has started to corrode your system and hydrogen is a by-product of this reaction. For this reason, if you ever notice that your radiators are venting, or releasing bouts of air, you should get your radiators serviced immediately to try and prevent any further damage from occurring.

Strange Noises

Black oxide sludge will continue to form until you get the problem sorted. This is especially the case if your central heating system is not protected as a result of corrosion, and it will harden on the hottest surfaces. In some cases, it could be the boiler exchange and this can cause rattling noises and knocking noises as well. This is stopping the heat transfer as well, so if you suspect that this is happening make sure that you get your system power flushed as soon as possible.

Benefits of Power Flushing

After you have power flushed your system, you will instantly feel the benefits. Your system will sound healthier and it will be given a brand new lease of life as well. You will also find that your system will be running much more efficiently as well, and externally, you won’t hear as much noise or as much rattling. But what are the long term benefits of power flushing, and why should you get your system cleaned out on a regular basis?

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reliable Heating
  • Rust Protection
  • Scale Protection
  • Lower Fuel Bills

If you have sludge or calcium build up, you need to take note that there may be other underlying problems as well. You may find that air is getting into your heating system and you may also find that they are getting into your radiators as well. Over time, this can cause rust and debris at the bottom and eventually this corrodes, again, creating sludge. Blockages can also slow down your system, affecting your pipes, valves, control servers and causing any other damages as well. You will also find that this can eventually lead to a full boiler replacement so if you suspect that there are some problems with your boiler, make sure that you get them sorted out as soon as possible or you could pay for it at a later date.
If you plan to change your boiler for a new one, you should make sure that you get your system power flushed first. Otherwise you may find yourself needing another boiler at a later date, and this also applies to your controls as well so it is certainly something that is worth keeping in consideration.

What to Look Out For:

  1. Boiler Turning Off On Its Own
  2. Boiler Always breaking Down
  3. Water Goes Hot Then Cold
  4. Loud, Banging Noises
  5. Radiators Don’t Heat Up Very Fast
  6. Cold Spots
  7. House Feels Cold
  8. Kettling Noises

So there you have it, the benefits of getting your boiler and heating system power flushed and the problems that you may face if you don’t get yours cleaned on a regular basis. Contact us today to find out more about the process involved.

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