Power Flushing In Action

What is Powerflushing?

The Power Flushing Process

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1.Power Flushing is a high velocity but low-pressure cleaning technique using modern chemicals. The boiler, the hot water cylinder and every radiator is cleaned individually.Left, the Power flushing equipment in operation. Note how little space is required and how well we protect your property.


Vibraclean equipment
2. The Magnaclean “Vibraclean” tool right; loosens sludge from radiators so it is ready to be flushed out.There are 4 types of sludge and they can be a good guide to the state of your heating system. Read more»


3. Taking PH measurements of the acidity/alkalinity of tap water and the water in the system – these must be the same.
TDS reading
Also testing for Totally Disolved Solids (TDS) in the tap water. After power flushing the TDS reading of the system must be close to that of the tap water.


4.The power flush magnets are shown opened, with sludge attached.
Two magnets are used to make sure that all sludge is removed, no matter which way the water in the system is flowing.These magnets show the hard sludge and rust that was removed after a one hour Power Flushing session on a cast iron boiler.


floor protection
This photograph shows the lengths that we go to to protect the floor covering and surrounding furniture: a dust sheet is first , then a polythene sheet followed by another dust sheet, then the machinery is put inside a plastic “bund”, like a garden paddling pool, so that if any spillage should occur it will all be contained.


adding neutraliser
Adding neutraliser as we exit the cleaning process.This takes acid out of the system and makes the discharge of the old system water into the sewer more environmentally friendly.


temperature readings
7. Right,
Taking temperature readings to ensure that there is a uniform temperature over the whole surface area of the radiator – i.e. no cold spots


power flush equipment being used outside
8. Wherever possible we use the powerflushing equipment outdoors to minimise the risk of any mess in your home.


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