Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging has many applications in plumbing and heating systems and it has been used in Building Surveys in America for some years. PowerFlushUK has invested heavily in this technology and intends to use it to improve our level of service even more.

Thermal Imaging cameras can trace pipework and blockages far more effectively and cheaply than previously. For instance, tracing blockages or problems in underfloor heating systems can be difficult and expensive. Thermal imaging pinpoints problems and remedial work is minimised. Among the benefits of the cameras are:

  • Detecting Pipework in Floors, Walls and Ceilings
  • Locate Blockages in heating circuits
  • Helps find leaks under floors
  • Roof Leaks
  • Electrical overheating
  • Detect flow issues through valves and “Y” strainers
  • Trace Under Floor Heating loops

thermal image of underfloor heating in school
These two photographs, taken simultaneously, demonstrate the effectiveness of thermal imaging in working with hidden water pipes like this underfloor heating system in a Derbyshire school.

The school wanted to build a partition wall from one side of this space to the other but needed to know precisely where the underfloor heating pipes were.

Using our latest thermal imaging equipment we were able to mark the position of the pipes on the floor very accurately so the building contractor could continue with confidence.
hidden pipes
radiator working properly

Far left, Hidden pipes.

left, A radiator working as it should!

before power flushing
Before powerflushing
after power flushing
After powerflushing

blocked pipe
Showing a blocked underfloor pipe

possible leak
Temperature variation showing a possible leak

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