Power Flush Heating Systems

What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a technique employed by professional plumbers to remove radiator sludge, rust and air in radiators as well as contaminant build-up in the pipes and boiler itself. If your central heating system is making excessive noise, is slow to warm up or you have radifator cold spots, there is a good chance that your system could benefit from this treatment and it represents an efficient and cost effective way to restore heat to your home or commercial premises.

How Do I Know If I Need A Power Flush?

There are several signs to look out for to see if your central heating system could benefit from a power flush. If your system is making excessive noise whenever it is switched on, this is a sign that a power flush may be in order. Another telltale sign is if your system is slow to work, with radiators heating very slowly and failing to reach high temperatures.

Completely Cold Radiator Due to Blocked flow Pipework
Completely Cold Radiator Due to Blocked flow Pipework

Cold spots on your radiators are a clear indicator that your system is not functioning properly and that build up of sludge, rust or calcium could be to blame. If your boiler switches repeatedly on and off, or is always breaking down, this could be another symptom of the problem, and if you have a combination boiler, it is likely that you may also have problems with your hot water, with temperatures oscillating from hot to cold.

How Does A Power Flush Work?

Power flushing works by attaching specialised equipment to the flow and return pipework of your central heating system. This equipment will be able to dislodge any corrosion or deposits inside the boiler, radiators and pipework, allowing it to drain out while refilling the system with fresh, clean water. Chemicals are then added which will help to loosen any tough deposits and then finally, an inhibitor will be added to the system which will help to guard against any future corrosion, sludge or other deposits developing in the system for an extended period of time, thus reducing the need for another power flush to be carried out in the near future.

How Can Power Flushing Help?

If a plumber can power flush heating systems, they will be able to restore proper working order to the boiler. This means that heat will be much more evenly distributed throughout the property, radiators will heat more effectively and much more rapidly and rooms will become warmer in a shorter space of time. Power flushing can also lower the cost of heating the home or business premises, helping to cut down on energy bills. A power flush can also help to preserve the life of your boiler and central heating system, as unchecked contaminant build-up can lead to premature failure of the system. Power flushing will keep your boiler functioning at maximum capacity for much longer and will help to guard against future problems. Power flushing can also help to improve noisy heating systems, helping them to run much more quietly and efficiently.

Power Flush Pricing

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