What is a Power Flush?

What is a Power Flush?

If you are considering buying a power flush of your heating system then you certainly need to know what’s involved. A power flush system clean utilises cleaning chemicals to eliminate rust, cold radiators, boiler noise and vibrating pipes, not to mention that it can also fully restore your heating system as well. Over time, sludge, rust and various other debris can become lodged and if these are left, you may find yourself paying more to get them repaired at a later date. At this stage, a power flush may be your only option, but there are many benefits to getting your boiler power flushed and it can also help to remove limescale in the pipes as well. So how do you know if you need a power flush and what does the power flushing process entail?

Do I Need A Power Flush?

thermal image of cold radiator
Image of cold radiator before power flushing

There are certainly a couple of things that you could look for if you suspect that you have a build up in your pipes. You may want to listen out for banging from the radiators and you also need to look out for cold spots as well. You may notice discoloured water coming from the pipes as well, especially when the radiators are bled. If your radiators are taking a long time to heat up, you may also need a power flush, because there could be deposits that are stopping the heat from

thermal image of radiator after power flushing
Image of radiator after power flushing

accessing the system properly. If you are thinking about getting a new boiler installed, you may want to perform a power flush as well, and this is especially the case if you’re connecting the new boiler to your old heating system. The main reason for this is because the contaminants that are in the system can damage your new boiler system within a very short space of time, so this is certainly something that you should keep in mind.

The Power Flush Process

The aim of a power flush is to restore the circulation of water around the heating system. It can also help to eliminate any noise that may be coming from the boiler and the pump as well, so if you have a noisy system, you can put an end to all of this with ease. When you hire a heating engineer, they will connect a high flow and low pressure pump to the heating system, before adding cleaning chemicals that will help to flush out any debris or bacteria that is present in the system already. The chemicals that are used in a power flush often contain sludge breaking enzymes and some of them include a de-scaler as well and this is great if you think that you have limescale or other contaminants in your system. By the end of the process however, you won’t have any acid or other chemicals in your system, because a clean water flush is always done afterwards to ensure that no contaminants remain.
Cost and Time Required for a Power Flush
Many people believe that a power flush can take anywhere up to 6 hours. The time needed however is largely dependent on how badly your systems are affected and you may find yourself paying extra for a de-scaler if this is something that is required.

What Is A ‘Flake’ Of Sludge?

Normal sludge looks a lot like mud and it doesn’t block your system very easily. Flakes of Sludge however is when the sludge is changed and compressed into various sizes, and these can easily block up your system. They are rigid and they can cause shut downs, not to mention that they are very rarely removed by a standard flush. If you do suspect that you have flakes of sludge then you may need to hire a specialist to help you with this but you will most likely pay extra for this. If the exchange to your boiler is filled with sludge, then you may be able to power flush your system, but this is largely dependent on your boiler, the type of block and your layout. Some boilers can be flushed with ease whereas other boilers can’t be flushed at all.

Power Flushing

Sometimes you may get a power flush but it won’t solve all of your problems. There are a couple of reasons for this, and you may need to get some of your parts replaced. As mentioned above, you may also have some sludge flakes and these can’t really be removed by standard power flushing techniques. It is also possible that you don’t have sludge flakes but your sludge is so excessive that power flushing won’t sort out the problem for you. After all, just like any cleaning process, it isn’t 100% guaranteed so this is certainly something that you need to be aware of.  The best thing about getting a power flush however is that it can increase the overall efficiency of your heating and it is ideal for commercial businesses as well. You should note that the more radiators you have, the longer your power flush will take and in some cases it may take up to 24 hours to get the job done.

Why Power Flushing Is the Better Option

Many people use alternative techniques to clean out pipes and other debris. The problem with these techniques however is that they can make the problem worse in some cases and they can even cause leaks and other damages as well. You will also find that power flushing is proven to be very effective, and it is great for anyone who wants to get their heating back in top condition. Sometimes however it can be difficult to know whether or not you need a power flush, so it helps to contact a reputable professional before you get one done. This is especially the case if you have just moved into a new property or premises, as you won’t know anything as such about the boiler. If you own a residential property however, you will be able to tell whether your boiler is working or not by simply touching the radiator to see if there are any cold spots. You may also want to listen out for your boiler being noisy and any other disturbances, as these are all tell-tale signs that your boiler is in need of some serious maintenance. You can pick up power flushing kits from the internet for a relatively low price and you will also find that professionals offer this service as well so if you don’t feel overly comfortable doing this yourself, you don’t have anything to worry about.
By getting your boiler power flushed on a regular basis, you can be sure to prolong its life as well as saving yourself money in the future. You can also help to prevent corrosion from occurring within your pipes as well, and this is ideal if you want to get the most out of your investment. If you want to find out more about power flushing, contact your local provider today.

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